Inspired by the “future Cyber-Sport” Arcades of the 90s

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❝Bullfighter Neon is like Pamplona on the Neo Geo. Bullet hell, meet bullfighting. ❞

In a technologically advanced dystopian future, entertainment is king. And the newest craze is the Bullfighter Circuit, where brave contestants fight against very dangerous and armored robots. Mechanical beasts that not only will try to ram and gore you, each one is equipped with a vast array of weapons, rockets, and lasers; all in the name of entertainment.

Defeating even one of these mighty beasts is a big accomplishment accompanied by an even bigger paycheck, and so the Bullfighter Circuit attracts a huge variety of challengers. From bored rich kids to people with no other choice but to risk it all. Who will be the next one to step inside the Arena?

The fans want it

Inspired by the 90s extreme future-sports craze, on March 2022 we shared with the world our unique idea:  bullfighting but they’re robots with lasers.

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, we were able to brin Bullfighter NEON into active development.

❝Robotic bullfighting?
Yeah, NOW you’re talking!❞

Game Features

  •  16-bit retro-inspired arcade game experience in the style of 90s future cyber-sports games.
  • 6 unique characters to choose from, each with their special moves and different stories to unveil.
  • 10 cyberbeast! After you defeat the 8 cyberbeasts, each with their distinctive attack patterns and behaviors you must understand and master, there are 2 extra final bosses for an epic challenge.
  • 4 different arenas with different environmental dangers plus an extra final arena to fight the final enemies.
  • Different game modes, from single-player to local co-op multiplayer.
  • A variety of configuration options for you to choose from if you want to go the hardcore old-school way or a more relaxing experience.

We are also aiming for a full arcade feeling, including a 4:3 option with a beautiful overlay and even game modes to ease the game being played in a real arcade venue.

Albero Morantes

Big TV celebrity, famous for being part of a well-known family in the world of show business and for his crazy parties. Tired of criticism, he joins the Bullfighter Circuit to prove his worth.

Laura B. Rosales

Coming from a humble family, she worked hard testing robots for the Bullfighter Circuit. Confident in her skills and even with no sponsor she decides to take a step forward and join the competition.

Miura Mitsuya

Raised in a family dedicated to Kabuki, he wants to proclaim the greatness of this traditional theatre discipline to the world by joining the Bullfighter Circuit and showing his unconventional fighting style.

Abril Bellavista

Elite sportswoman, she excels in numerous sports and athletic disciplines. Now she is ready to face her biggest challenge: becoming the very first north american to beat the Bullfighter Circuit.


Half bull half man, he is the result of genetic manipulation. Scientifics enrolled him in the Bullfighter Circuit to test his superhuman abilities and confirm the success of their ambitious Chimera Program.

The Big Lidia

As a volunteer firefighter she almost died trying to save families from a wild fire. Her injured body was reconstructed using experimental engineering techniques and it will be tested at the Bullfighter Circuit.

An amazing soundtrack

Music composer Gryzor87, known for his retro-rated songs from games such as Cursed Castilla, Battle Princess Madelyn, and Crimzon Clover World Ignition, has joined the project to add his talent and energy to Bullfighter NEON.

The results are banging 100% sporty arcade retro tracks, composed with the limitations of the Yamaha YM2610 chip in mind, that recreate what could have been a Neo Geo soundtrack back in the 90s.

Intense gameplay and frantic action are kings

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